Vocabulary Review Test! Part 1

  1. The ___ factor in their success was their unwavering commitment to their goals.
    a) crucial
    b) demanding
    c) intriguing
    d) mistreated
  2. The detective found the mystery surrounding the case to be incredibly ___, with numerous twists and turns.
    a) fascinating
    b) reassuring
    c) prejudiced
    d) showcased
  3. It’s important to treat others with respect and kindness, and never ___ anyone based on their differences.
    a) demand
    b) abuse
    c) wind
    d) convey
  4. The artist’s goal was to ___ a realistic portrayal of the serene countryside.
    a) represent
    b) ponder
    c) wind through
    d) affirmation
  5. The judge emphasized the need to eliminate ___ from the courtroom in order to ensure fair trials.
    a) wind
    b) wind through
    c) prejudice
    d) vital
  6. The company appointed a skilled ___ to represent its interests in the negotiations.
    a) representative
    b) vigilant
    c) showcase
    d) in contrast
  7. She would often ___ for hours about life’s most profound questions.
    a) wind through
    b) abuse
    c) intrigue
    d) demand
  8. Her unwavering ___ to her studies resulted in exceptional academic achievements.
    a) affirmation
    b) attentiveness
    c) in remembrance of
    d) raging
  9. The documentary provided a ___ insight into the lives of remote tribes.
    a) crucial
    b) fascinating
    c) willpower
    d) abuse
  10. The teacher’s ___ to her students’ needs created a positive and productive classroom environment.
    a) show
    b) attention
    c) mistreat
    d) wind
  11. The doctor’s ___ words brought comfort to the anxious patient awaiting surgery.
    a) demand
    b) crucial
    c) reassuring
    d) showcase
  12. The mayor promised to ___ the city’s traffic congestion issue during the town hall meeting.
    a) willpower
    b) address (verb)
    c) vigilant
    d) verbal
  13. The ___ of the conference focused on addressing environmental concerns.
    a) abuse
    b) demand
    c) address (n.)
    d) affirmation
  14. The ___ citizens took it upon themselves to patrol the streets and ensure safety.
    a) vigilant
    b) fascinating
    c) intriguing
    d) prejudiced
  15. The security team remained ___ throughout the event, monitoring for any potential threats.
    a) affirmation
    b) in contrast
    c) in remembrance of
    d) vigilant
  16. The decision to allocate additional resources was deemed ___ to the project’s success.
    a) showcased
    b) vital
    c) demanding
    d) abuse
  17. The ___ plot of the novel kept readers engaged from start to finish.
    a) crucial
    b) show
    c) intriguing
    d) convey
  18. He became increasingly ___, constantly looking over his shoulder.
    a) paranoid
    b) attentive
    c) fascinating
    d) mistreated
  19. Building ___ is essential in fostering healthy relationships.
    a) address (verb)
    b) affirmation
    c) prejudiced
    d) dedication
  20. Her powerful speech during the memorial service was delivered ___ the sacrifices of the fallen soldiers.
    a) in remembrance of
    b) wind through
    c) crucial
    d) showcase (V)
  21. The ___ rustled the leaves and cooled the warm summer air.
    a) in remembrance of
    b) affirmation
    c) vital
    d) wind
  22. The organization gathered ___ to commemorate the victims of the tragic accident.
    a) mistreated
    b) crucial
    c) fascinating
    d) in remembrance of
  23. The storm’s ___ fury resulted in extensive damage to the coastal town.
    a) verbal
    b) demanding
    c) raging
    d) showcase
  24. The new art exhibit will ___ the creativity and talent of local artists.
    a) vigilant
    b) address (n.)
    c) showcase (V)
    d) willpower
  25. The protesters gathered to ___ action against social inequality.
    a) affirmation
    b) intriguing
    c) demand
    d) abuse
  1. a) crucial
  2. a) fascinating
  3. b) abuse
  4. a) represent
  5. c) prejudice
  6. a) representative
  7. c) ponder
  8. b) attentiveness
  9. b) fascinating
  10. b) attentiveness
  11. c) reassuring
  12. b) address (verb)
  13. c) address (n.)
  14. a) vigilant
  15. d) vigilant
  16. b) vital
  17. c) intriguing
  18. a) paranoid
  19. b) affirmation
  20. a) in remembrance of
  21. d) wind
  22. d) in remembrance of
  23. c) raging
  24. c) showcase (V)
  25. c) demand