Movie Setting: A Vibrant Baseball Stadium

Vocabulary Definition Sample Sentences
Trajectory The path followed by an object in motion 1. The baseball’s trajectory changed dramatically after hitting the bat.
2. The scientist studied the trajectory of the rocket to ensure a successful launch.
3. The basketball player adjusted his shot to match the hoop’s trajectory.
Cerebral Relating to the brain or intellectual processes 1. Her cerebral approach to problem-solving impressed the entire team.
2. The seminar focused on the cerebral aspects of creativity and innovation.
3. The author’s book delves into the cerebral complexities of human emotions.
Antics Playful, often silly, or mischievous actions 1. The children’s antics at the park brought smiles to everyone’s faces.
2. Despite his serious demeanor, he occasionally indulged in lighthearted antics.
3. The comedian’s hilarious antics had the audience roaring with laughter.
Tribute A gesture or action to show respect or admiration 1. The memorial service was a tribute to the fallen soldiers’ sacrifice.
2. The artist’s painting was a beautiful tribute to her late grandmother.
3. The event was organized as a tribute to the local community’s achievements.
  • Max (M)
  • Emma (E)



Max and Emma are immersed in the pulsating energy of a baseball stadium, surrounded by fervent fans, their eyes fixed on the game.


M: (Eagerly) Emma, can you feel the passion in the air? It’s like the stadium has a heartbeat of its own.

E: (Smiling) Absolutely, Max! The cheers, the chants—it’s like a symphony of excitement.

M: (Pointing) Watch the batter. He’s got an incredible eye for the ball’s trajectory.

E: (Impressed) And the pitcher’s precision is something to admire. Those curveballs are masterful.

M: (Nods) The duel between pitcher and batter is a cerebral dance. Every move counts.

E: (Analyzing) It’s a mental chess match out there. The pressure to make split-second decisions is intense.

M: (Grinning) Don’t miss the mascot’s antics. They’re the comic relief between those heart-pounding innings.

E: (Laughing) That mascot dance-off had everyone in stitches. Baseball’s a perfect blend of drama and humor.

M: (Raising his cup) Here’s to a memorable evening, Emma—a tribute to our love for this timeless sport.

E: (Clinks her cup) Cheers to that, Max. Let the game unfold, inning by inning!

  1. Identify the metaphoric phrases present in the dialogue.
  2. What is your interpretation of the expression “in stitches” in the sentence, “That mascot dance-off had everyone in stitches”?
  3. Do you like Baseball? If so, why? If not, why not?
Advanced Quiz!!

What is your interpretation of the expression “cerebral dance” in the sentence, “The duel between pitcher and batter is a cerebral dance”? (See the definition of “cerebral” in the table above.)