Marathon Tourism: Exploring the Unseen

Words to Practice
Word Definition Meaning Example Sentence
Vote To express a choice or opinion by ballot To cast a formal decision in an election or poll She went to the polling station to vote in the local elections.
Form To shape or create To give structure or shape to something The artist used clay to form a beautiful sculpture.
Suitable Appropriate or fitting Suitable means a good match or right for a purpose The comfortable shoes were suitable for a long day of walking.
Invisible Unable to be seen; not visible Something that cannot be perceived with sight The tiny particles in the air are usually invisible to the eye.
Extinct No longer in existence No longer existing or living Dinosaurs have been extinct for millions of years.

Have you heard of marathon tourism? It’s an amazing way to explore new places by running races there. This kind of tourism lets you have an adventure while also learning about different cultures. Imagine running in places that are just right and suitable, like old streets or beautiful nature spots.

But marathon tourism is more than racing. It’s also a chance to show your support, like giving a vote, and to form connections with local people. This helps you become part of the place you’re visiting.

Some marathons even go through places that don’t have people living there anymore, or places that not many people know about. This makes the races extra special because you get to see things that are usually invisible to others.

So, whether you enjoy running or just want to see new things, think about marathon tourism. It’s not only about finishing a race; it’s about exploring the world in an exciting way, uncovering stories that were once extinct.


How do you manage your energy and pace during a marathon? Are there strategies you use to stay motivated and maintain your stamina throughout the race?