"IELTS Mastery with Wernicke!"
"Wernicke's IELTS feature is a lifesaver! Quick evaluations, personalized tips, and user-friendly
– it's all we need for a seamless IELTS preparation journey."
Joshua Elsher

What is "Wernicke"?

“Wernicke” brings a revolution to language assessment. Seamlessly blending advanced AI technology with personalized learning, “Wernicke” is your dedicated companion for achieving language proficiency. Whether you’re aiming for excellence in writing or refining your spoken expression, “Wernicke” empowers you with insightful evaluations and constructive feedback.

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1. Extreme Simplicity

  1. Select Your Preferred Test Framework (currently IELTS and TOEFL are available)

  2. Choose the Section to be Evaluated (Writing or Speaking)

  3. Paste Your Response into the Designated Box (Upload .mp3 for Speaking)

  4. Click ‘Grade it!’

  5. Feedback will appear on the right side of the screen

Our straightforward process ensures an easy and seamless experience. Choose your framework, section, paste, click!

2. Constructive Feedback

In addition to the band score, our AI provides detailed evaluations for each criterion, identifies necessary corrections, and offers advice on alternative expressions. This feedback is meticulously crafted based on the official IELTS evaluation criteria, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized analysis of your writing performance

3. Track Your Progress

Monitor your test preparation progress with our visual tracking tool. Quick to review and easy to understand, these graphs will motivate and guide you towards exam success.

4. Review Vocab Cunningly

1. Add words or expressions you stumble upon. The words will be gone after one week so you can focus on recent inputs.

2. Study with the dictionary-view

3. Review with AI that creates a quiz on the words in the box

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