Journey Through Childhood


In the heart of every grown-up lies a treasure trove of childhood memories, each more vibrant and touching than the last. As we recall those early years, images of a cozy crib, the cornerstone of our tiny universe, come flooding back. That crib, nestled in the corner of a sun-kissed room, wasn’t just a piece of furniture—it was our first castle, a safe haven where dreams were born.

Among the cherished memories, one stands out—the day we transitioned from the crib to a “big kid” bed. It was a rite of passage, a mix of excitement and a tinge of sadness. We were torn between the comfort of our familiar, protective crib and the thrill of something new and grown-up. That moment marked a significant step in our journey of growth and independence.

Our parents, valid guides in the vast sea of life, were always there, gently nudging us forward. They shared in our triumphs and wiped away the tears of skinned knees and bruised egos. In their eyes, every little achievement was monumental, every setback a learning curve.

Being “psyched” took on many forms, from the sheer joy of a successfully built block tower to the giddy anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy. Each day was an adventure, each night a promise of more wonders to come.

As grown-ups, we often wish we could go back to the simple and happy days of being kids. Yet, through our memories, we can visit that crib, that room, that world of endless fun. And in those special moments of remembering, we feel happy, comforted, and close to the child we once were.

Reading-Checkup Quizzes:

  1. What does the phrase “wiped away the tears of skinned knees and bruised egos” suggest about the parents’ role in childhood?
    • A) They ignored their children’s physical and emotional pains
    • B) They took care of their children’s injuries and hurt feelings
    • C) They were too protective and didn’t let their children learn from mistakes
  2. What does “giddy anticipation of a visit from the tooth fairy” imply about childhood experiences?
    • A) Children were often scared at night
    • B) Children were excited about losing teeth and the ensuing visit from the tooth fairy
    • C) Children didn’t believe in the tooth fairy

Discussion Questions:

You may choose one! or of course, you could try both!!

  1. The Power of Imagination: The passage describes the crib as a “castle” and a “safe haven.” Think about a special place you had as a child, real or imaginary. What made it special and how did it fuel your imagination?
  2. Mixed Emotions: The transition from a crib to a big-kid bed is described with mixed emotions. Can you think of another time in your childhood when you felt both excited and a little scared? How did you deal with those feelings?

Interactive Activity:

Let’s head to YouTube and find a video called “Do You Remember?:“.
This song talks about all sorts of fun memories people have from being kids.

Question: What’s one thing YOU remember from your childhood that makes you smile?