A New Year, A Cleaner World


As the New Year begins, many people around the world take time for a special kind of cleaning. In Japan, this tradition is known as “ōsōji,” which means a big clean-up. This is not just about tidying up homes, but also about preparing for new beginnings.

During this time, people take a break from their busy lives. This “downtime” is important. It’s a chance to air out houses and minds. Opening windows lets fresh air come in and replace the old, stale air. It’s a symbol of letting in new ideas and energy.

A recent environmental “breakthrough” has made this tradition even more special. Scientists have discovered a new, eco-friendly way to clean. This method gets rid of “germs” without harming the planet. It uses natural ingredients, which are better for our health and the Earth.

Many people are now choosing to live a more “detached” lifestyle. This means they are not too close to technology and the busy world. They find peace in simple things, like cleaning and taking care of their environment. This New Year tradition of cleaning helps them connect with nature.

Cleaning is not just about making things look nice. It’s about caring for our surroundings and ourselves. It teaches us to respect and protect our world. So, this New Year, let’s clean our homes and our planet!


New Year’s Resolutions for 2024:

  • Pre-Class Research Task:
    1. Visit Parade’s article on New Year’s Resolutions.
    2. Choose two resolutions from the list that you find interesting or relevant.
    3. For each resolution, answer the following:
      • What is the resolution about?
      • Why did this resolution stand out to you?
    4. Did you have any similar resolutions last year?

Can’t wait to hear about the two New Year’s resolutions you chose! We’ll discuss why they interested you and if you had similar ones last year. Looking forward to our casual chat in class!